Phase I - Hot dipped galvanized wire plant.

Raw material: hot rolled low carbon steel wire rod coils, that come in a norminal diameter of 5.50mm
The process is achieved using two wire drawing machines with the following specifications:
Machine name: Koch
Make: Germany
Model: 2011
Drawing range:
in: 5.5mm-6.5mm
out: 1.45mm-3.45mm
Raw material: Steel wire, 0.15% C

Here, drawn wire coils are continously galvanized. The process is continous and galvanizes 18 wire lines simultaneously.
Raw material:
Drawn wire coils of different diameter.
Line processes:

The wire lines go through the following treatment processes;
1. Annealing: Here the tensile strength of the wire lines is controlled and brought within recommended range.

2. Pickling: Here, the wire lines are cleaned with hydrochloric acid to remove any rust and surface impurities.

3. Fluxing: Here, wire lines are treated with a fluxing solution to prepare them for zinc coating.

4. Galvanizing: Here, wire lines are immersed in a hot bath of molten zinc to achive coating.

5. Waxing: here, wire lines are treated with a wax solution to improve on apearance and surface finish.

6. Coiling/laying: Here, galvanized wire lines are coiled and layed on stands.

7. Packing: Galvanized wire coils are packed using steel strapping and dressed in cylindrical polythene tubes.

1. Fluid bed annealing furnace - For annealing wire lines.
2. High tubulence pickling system - For pickling and cleaning wire lines.
3. Immesion burner galvanizer - For coating of wire lines with zinc.

Machine specifications:
Make: Canada
Supplier: QED wire lines
Capacity: 900MT per month

4. Take-up - For coiling and laying of wire lines
5. Payoff - For Feeding drawn wire coils on the galvanizing line

Machine specifations
Make: Italy
Supplier: M+E Italy
Capacity: 900MT per month