Batch Anealing Furnace - What are the applications of CRCA?

The single stack coil Batch annealing furnace is a Bell type furnace, with the required number of Bases, Heating hoods, Cooling hoods, Inner protective covers, convector plates, material handling Equipment’s, electrical measurement and control equipment.

After cold rolling, the coils are annealed in single stack bell type annealing furnaces. As the strip coming out of the mill would have been stretched and hardened, becoming unsuitable for any forming or drawing, it must be heat treated at a temperature between 610°C to 723°C to get proper characteristics of ductility, yield elongation, softness and draw ability.

» What are the applications of CRCA?
CRCA is Cold Rolled Close Annealed materials, Applications of CRCA includes various sectors.
» Automobile industries
» Auto Ancillary Industries (Automobile parts and components manufacturer)
» White Goods industries (air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, other all household appliances, etc.).
» Brown goods Industries (television, digital camera, audio-video systems, computers, electronic accessories, etc.)
» Steel tubes manufacturing industries
» Steel Panel and boxes manufacturing industries
» Bicycles industries
» sheet Metals industries
» Electric Transformer Manufacturing industries
» Steel Containers Industries
» Foods & beverage steel containers manufacturing Industries
» Electric Fan Manufacturing industries
» outdoor tents manufacturing industries
» Telecom industries
» steel furniture industries